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Selden S40 2-Speed Self Tailing Winch

Selden S40 2-Speed Self Tailing Winch

Code: SEL47264010
Price: $865.00


The S-series 2-Speed Winches from Selden simplifies the maneuver of tacking and makes the handling of a highly loaded sheet much safer and quicker. Nothing less than great grip and reliability in a light weight package.

The grip on the winch drum is exceptionally efficient and, combined with a unique self-tailer, it enables the trimmer to pull the slack out of the sheet with the line sitting in the self-tailer and while the winch handle is still mounted. A great advantage for the racing sailor who can pre-load the sheet into the self-tailer of the windward winch prior to tacking and then set the trim of the jib instantly on the new tack. Simply pull in the slack and turn the handle a turn or two to get full tension. The cruising sailor will appreciate simpler and safer maneuvers by not having to hold a tensioned sheet in the hand whilst trying to load it into the self-tailer and searching around for the winch handle.

Part No. 47264010
Description S40
Base Diameter 150mm
Weight 3.2kg
Line Size -
Power Ratio 3:2
High Speed 40:1

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